Turn your email (or anything else) into a scannable barcode you can use for things like paperless checkout.

Type your email into the generator to create your barcode:

We don't collect your information, promise.

What, why and how.

Paper receipts account for billions of pounds of waste in our landfills. As paperless receipts are on the rise, we created this simple tool to help speed up the process.

To use:

Let the person at the register scan this barcode and it will automatically enter your email address. (You won't have to spell out anymore)

Where this is accepted:

Nordstom, Wholefoods, Petco, Best Buy, Sears, Gap, Urban Outfitters...


The barcode created is only a translation of your email, nothing else. We also don't collect emails.

Did you know?

The very first scanning of a barcode was on a pack of Wrigley chewing gum in 1974. Wiki

How it works.

A barcode works by turning letters and numbers into a series of lines that can be easily accessable and input by a scanner. For the techies, our barcodes translate 128A (Code Set A) – ASCII characters 00 to 95 (0–9, A–Z and control codes), special characters and FNC 1–4

Go paperless!

We created this app to help people start using more paperless recipts and help the environment.

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